Today’s outfit is the definition of summertime boho. I love layers of lace, minimal makeup and second day curls. Gives the relaxed and natural-yet-ethereal vibe. Please play Lana’s version of Once Upon A Dream when looking at this photo set-

carly cristman tbags los angeles dress

carly cristman tbags los angeles

carly cristman tbags los angeles

carly cristman tbags los angeles

[Dress: Tbags Los Angeles | Sandals: Cocobelle | Necklace: Loft]

I’m obsessed with these sandals!! They’re handmade in Bali [of course they are.] and I literally feel like I’m wearing artwork. They’re so beautiful! // end rave

PS- as I’m typing this, I’m working through some serious soreness. Haha. I went to SoulCycle for my second time last night and enjoyed it significantly more than the first time. I signed up to go again tomorrow, so we’ll see how that goes. California, what are you doing to me?!


  1. Yolennie says: June 10, 20147:10 pm

    This dress is absolutely stunning! Adore your style <3


  2. Maggie says: June 12, 20141:29 pm

    I love this look! It’s so simple yet chic. The sandals are definitely a work of art. They are gorgeous <3

  3. Carolyn says: June 20, 201410:15 pm

    I adore those sandals! They are so amazing.
    Carolyn | BLOG