Today’s outfit is casual while being super feminine. I wouldn’t describe myself as a huge pink person, but I’ve found myself pairing these pink eyelet shorts with a bunch of different summer tops. I wore this outfit below for a lunch meeting // work day [ah, living in California, working in fashion. I love that I can call this business casual]






[Top: LOFT | Shorts: LOFT | Shoes: LOFT | Bracelet: LOFT |Necklace:LOFT]

LOFT asked me to come up with a full summer outfit from their collection and I actually had difficulty choosing what look to go for because they had so many cute, different pieces. I ended up going with this look because it’s something different than what I normally post while still fitting my style. It’s relaxed, feminine, and perfect for wherever the day might bring me.

You can also see how I styled this necklace in another recent post here.


  1. Brittanny says: June 18, 20141:43 am
  2. Taylor Doucette says: June 18, 20145:18 am

    Carly! You’re so stunning! Love this outfit girl!

    -xx Tay

  3. Annie says: June 18, 20145:13 pm

    Love the casualness of this look but it still looks very chic. I love wearing shorts in the summer and I think this look is perfect to dress up a simple pair of shorts!

    A College Confession

  4. Sabina B says: June 18, 20147:27 pm
  5. Maggie says: June 20, 20148:54 am

    Love this outfit and how you tied everything together with the accessories!

  6. Carolyn says: June 21, 20141:45 pm

    Beautiful! I love the texture combination.
    Carolyn | BLOG