I added a new perfume to my collection and obviously my first thought was ‘I must blog this’-

I’m sort of collecting the Vera Wang fragrances- I’ve been a fan of the original Princess since I was in college, so I knew I wanted to add the Princess Power scent to my tray. Also- side note- if you’re a loooong term viewer of mine [I mean, from back in the WAY beginning] you’ll probably also know about my obsession with pop art. If you’re a little newer- I’M OBSESSED WITH POP ART. My first apartment ever had a pop art theme [the walls were pink. my furniture was black. I had Andy Warhol prints hanging in my room. So. Much. Color] So this bottle is hugely exciting for me and also kind of a way to bring that side of my personality into my newer, more sparkly apartment.




SURPRISE GIVEAWAY: You know what’s more fun than reading about a new perfume? Getting a new perfume. I partnered with Vera Wang to give 10 of you their new scent- here’s how to enter:

Go to Vera Wang’s facebook application and create your Princess Power Pop Art portrait- see mine below:


Once your picture is generated, take the code and paste it into the widget below [don’t forget to leave your email address so we can contact you if you’ve won!]


The winners will be selected and contacted one month from now- if you’d like to check out the scent in the mean time, here is a direct link to the fragrance.


  1. Marie says: August 12, 201412:25 am

    So lovely, thank you Carly!

  2. Justine Erica says: August 26, 201412:57 pm

    Love the design of the bottle! All the Vera Wang perfumes are beautifully made.