Apparently I’ve done a very good job at letting everyone know I’m ready to get my festival on this season because I woke up yesterday to this amazing ‘survival kit’ waiting for me from Old Navy. Seriously, how sweet! Wanted to show you guys what I’ll be keeping in my bag for my first time in Indio– as packed by the pros! Old Navy Oasis Gift Bag Sunscreen, chapstick, moisturizer, vitamins, bandanas, fans, scarves- this is SO helpful. I have literally no idea what to expect out in the desert for this upcoming party and I’ve heard all sorts of crazy stories, so having this already put together for me is a dream. Ready to release my inner flower child- Old Navy Oasis Festival Dress

Flower Dress: Old Navy

Thank you again Old Navy for the survival kit && I can’t wait for the party tomorrow! Are you into music festivals? Are you going to Indio this weekend? What are your essentials for the long weekend? [The most I’ve done is lolla, so I’m feeling kind of nervous!] Let me know what I should bring- and maybe I’ll see you there!

  1. Anonymous says: April 22, 201410:38 pm

    I could not love this look more! So pretty Carly <3

    xoxo | Lauren from Adored Vintage

  2. Alli {Enchantette} says: April 29, 20149:09 pm

    Your makeup looks so beautiful!