Today’s post is from my outfit yesterday, which has kind of become my go to uniform [what? All black? How shocking]. I’m really into low key outfits / hair / makeup that still look fashionable. I think the French have a phrase for this type of laziness-

C’est chic.







Photography by Bryan Whitely

[ top: topshop | skirt: impulse by macy’s | sandals: stuart weitzman | watch: la mer collections ]

Look at that last photo and think ’emoji’s in real life’. I’ve done my job.

I don’t normally post about current events or really offer my opinions on such subjects online [trust me, I have them. Girl didn’t get a political science degree for no reason] but I can’t believe what’s been happening in the country this last week. It’s amazing that we’re hearing about all of this through social media. Stories that might have never come out are now being exposed and shared in real time. A single tweet can turn the world’s attention to a situation that might have otherwise gone undiscussed in the media. Thankfully we live in a time now where questions have to be addressed because the whole world is watching, asking, and demanding change.

Enough of my thoughts- I promise I’m not turning my blog into a forum where I discuss my thoughts on everything in the news [save that for a facebook status! …not]  but I do think it’s good to stay informed. Until next time :)


  1. Carolyn says: August 14, 201411:21 pm

    Love the top, Carly.
    Reading and hearing about all the events this week is quite surreal…
    Carolyn | BLOG

  2. Janina says: August 15, 20145:03 pm

    I agree, all black is definitely my go to as well right now. Especially going into fall
    XO Janina