I have been a long time lover of Vera Wang’s Princess perfume, so you can imagine my excitement when I received the newest scent. To me, Vera Wang is elegant and glamorous. The brand celebrates femininity and truly knows how to make a woman feel like her most beautiful self. The bottle of this perfume is crystal and sparkling- a perfect addition to pretty up any perfume tray. You know that I instantly gravitate towards anything sparkly / glittery / shimmery / so this perfume HAD to be part of my collection. I mean, the bottle SAYS ‘Be Jeweled’ [‘bejeweled’ is synonymous for ‘carly’ on urban dictionary] literally has my name all over it.

Bejeweled Vera Wang Rouge Perfume

Bejeweled Vera Wang Rouge Perfume

At first, I’m instantly thinking about summer by this tropical, fruity scent. The perfume deepens throughout the day with notes of warm vanilla [my favorite note] making it a little darker, a little more romantic. To me, this smells like the perfect feminine fragrance worn on those days you want to embrace your girly side

Christian Louboutin Red Soles

High heels, some lipstick, a little sparkle- all a girl needs, right?

Or at least, all you need for a Saturday night :) Click here if you’d like to read more about the perfume!

  1. Carly says: April 15, 20141:59 am

    Those Louboutins are GORGEOUS!!! And it’s true, Carly really is synonymous with bejeweled! 😉 xoxo