You may have noticed that I created a second instagram account this last week. When I told my friends my plan to open a second page, they all were like ‘what? A second instagram? Why don’t you just post it on your first?’ and I was like ‘ALL OF THE REASONS!!’.

First off, I want to say that I am keeping fashion and style on my first account and nothing is changing over there.

Minus it getting better. But yeah, don’t freak out.

But I am a perfectionist. I’ve told you guys this throughout the years. You know me. My blog, my instagram- this is where I post things that I’m excited about. Things that are on trend, things that are different, things that I professionally shoot. I have high standards when it comes to the look of my blog, especially the photography of my blog. And I want to keep those standards in place.

Sometimes I would post mirror outfit shots on my main instagram, and my viewers always seemed to like them. You guys wanted more fashion, more outfits- but I hated the look of the selfies on my account. They looked so ‘off’ in comparison to the beautifully shot outfits and the home decor. Also, I knew that not everyone wanted to see daily outfits- so I didn’t post them.

And that’s why Carly’s Closet was created.



I wanted to make this account so I could still provide the outfit inspiration for my viewers who wanted to see it without overwhelming the others. And I wanted a place where I could show you my every day type of outfits- not just the looks that I think are incredibly fashionable or ‘different’. [That’s the other problem about being a perfectionist. I don’t just want to shoot ordinary outfits. Or something that I’ve done before. I want to do new things. I want to try new looks. I don’t want to shoot something unless it’s worth it].

So, this second instagram account is where I’m posting my day to day, real life, regular girl outfits. I’m posting them in real time, removed from any fancy photography, editing, etc. This is just what I look like. Right now. In my closet. Shot from my phone. And there’s something so raw and real and, dare I say it, basic about it that I love.




Trust me, I’d love to have a professional photographer following me around 24/7, snapping these wonderfully candid moments and poof! All of the photos are done every day and look incredible! …but that’s not how blogging actually works. It takes hours to plan, shoot, edit, post. If I shot my outfits literally every single day, that’s all I would be doing. As youtube and blogging progress, I’m always going to try and progress / grow my content. Better visuals, better lighting, better editing. But there is something that I still miss about the ease and real time action from the earlier years. And that’s what this account gives me. It’s free of any pressure to post an ‘amazing’ outfit or to spend six hours editing. It’s just real life in real time. And if you want to follow it, that’s great. But there’s no pressure there either :)

I hope this account can give you real life outfit inspiration to mix and match similar pieces in your own closet, or that it can inspire you on days you’re going to class or running errands. Like I said, I’m still going to be keeping my main instagram and my blog exactly the same. This was just a way for me to provide more. 

I’m actually off right now to go shoot what I’m currently wearing for a real outfit post. The pieces are so detailed that they demand to be shot with a real camera. And I’m so excited to do that too!

If you want to check out my second instagram account, click here. Thanks for the amazing response to it so far! I couldn’t expect how excited you guys would be and just how many sweet and encouraging comments I would have gotten. I’m so happy that you’re enjoying this extension as much as I am!





This past weekend was my friend Alicia‘s birthday, so she decided she wanted to spend it on a weekend getaway in Palm Springs. I am always up for an adventure, especially a road trip with some of my favorite people! I wasn’t originally planning on blogging the trip, but there were just too many beautiful spots [you also know that I’m always taking pictures, so eye dee kay why I thought this trip would be an exception].

We made the drive up to Palm Springs during the late afternoon, which ended up being perfect because we were driving into town just as the sun began to set. It was one of the most gorgeous sunsets I’ve ever seen [or ever half-seen, considering I was driving and attempting to focus]. palmspringsunset


The rest of my pictures are of the gorgeous spots at the Viceroy hotel and Le Parker Meridien, both in Palm Springs. It’s so warm and gorgeous in Palm Springs- kind of a permanent summer getaway that’s accessible via highway. Crazy to know this is all just a drive away.







This weekend made me even more excited for Coachella + our desert vacation house [I know, it’s only November and it’s not until next year. But the weekend was just too much fun!]  Thanks for the most relaxing weekend staycation, Palm Springs. I miss you already.

Halloween is one of my absolute favorite times. I LOVE coming up with unique costumes and crafting them myself [you can see my videos for a tiffany’s box and a crayon here]. People have asked me why I haven’t filmed my costumes the last two years, and that’s because my friend Abbie and I have made a tradition out of making them together the day of the party [otherwise known as Project Runway: Halloween Edition]. ‘Halloween’ has turned into an entire day of fun for us as opposed to just a night out or a party. We spend the day fabric shopping, cutting, sewing, gluing, drinking caramel vodka cider + getting excited for the night ahead.  Last year we were cupcakes, which is one of my all time favorite costumes I’ve ever worn


Until this year when we went as–


TALL PUMPKIN SPICE LATTES!! Oh my gosh. I’m STILL so excited about how these turned out.

This costume would be MUCH easier if you just printed out an iron on decal of the Starbucks logo, but we used silk / spandex slips as our dresses that couldn’t have fabric ironed on. So we went the much more extensive route of cutting the logo out of felt [without a stencil!] and then gluing the felt on top of white fabric.



I found these slips at a department store and bought a looser fit in the largest size so it would hang instead of cling. We hot glued the logo onto the center of the dress, and cut off the lace from the bottom of the slip so it would look more like a dress.


To create the ‘whip cream’, we cut out circles of thick ivory fabric [felt or something similar]. The circles were the same size as the circle logo in the center. Then you fold the circle three times to create a rosette-type look, gluing the folds to make them stick. Then we sewed each rosette onto the inside of the top of the slip.

We made the sides of the dresses look like cups by drawing the drink box and writing ‘PSL’ followed with the signature name on the coffee cup. Note: If you want to get real with this costume, you obviously need to misspell your name like a true Starbucks cup.


The straw was created by using a paper towel rod and some forest green paint. We finished off the look by accessorizing the dress with starbucks bags for purses + starbucks cups!


We’re obsessed with how these turned out! Did you guys go as anything fun for halloween or do you have any fun traditions? Let us know!