I am so happy to be writing this post right now! You guys know that my life is insanely hectic and the craziest things always happen to me.. today is no exception.

I’m back in town fresh off of another trip, this time to Vegas, and had an early morning shoot with E! News [don't know when the segment airs yet, keep you posted]. One of my close friends from Chicago was also in town, so I managed to squeeze a quick late night dinner in to all of that. All amazing things, right? RIGHT!

…and then I discovered that all of my cards / drivers license are currently missing. Noooooooo. I initially discovered this while we were out to eat and I had no form of money on me at all [thankfully he paid anyways, but I still was like NICE, CARLY, NICE]. I thought that I had just left them in my jacket pocket from when I was on my flight, but they weren’t there either. Can’t find them in my apartment, can’t get a hold of anyone in the airports, absolutely no clue where they are. Did I lose them? Were they stolen? Am I losing my mind?

I tried to explain this fact to one of my friends out in LA- I can do really big things, like turn myself into a business, but the little things make my head explode [you know this if you watched my 50 facts video]. Calling someone to find a lost card? Absolutely mind boggling. The thought of calling my bank to cancel a card, going to the DMV to get a new license.. Woof. I need a drink.

Anyways, I say I’m so happy to be writing this post right now because you are keeping me sane [insert the little clap emojis in between those words]. I’m having a glass of wine, typing up this post, and taking 10 minutes off from the dramatic search for my life.

This outfit is me right now. Cuddled up in the world’s largest sweater, hair up in a bun because I just can’t, and then of course- sequins. Because no matter what is happening, life is still fabulous-




CarlyCristmanZaraSweater4 CarlyCristmanZaraSweater7 CarlyCristmanZaraSweater8 CarlyCristmanZaraSweater6


CarlyCristmanZaraSweater9 Photography by Bryan Whitely
[ sweater: zara | dress: random boutique in wisconsin | sandals: schutz ]

The sweater above was recently purchased from Zara, and I generally don’t find many pieces there but the ones that I have are incredible. I can’t say enough good things about this piece. Also, I received SO many compliments while wearing it! I don’t say that like ‘oh look at me and how many people told me I looked cool’-My day is always made by nice people. People who have enough confidence to reach out and compliment another are so lovely. The world would be such a nice place if we all just said nice things to each other more frequently. So next time you like something about someone, don’t think saying it out loud would be weird. It wouldn’t. It would be awesome.

Same thing goes for my viewers! I’ve been so fortunate to meet so many of you these last few weeks, but a bunch of times you’ve said ‘I don’t want to be creepy, but..’ YOU’RE NOT BEING CREEPY, I’M EXCITED TO MEET YOU! I read all of my comments you guys write me, and meeting you in person is the most exciting thing ever! It’s so amazing to put a face to the screen name! If you can handle, let alone enjoy watching my videos, we obviously have enough in common that we’d be friends! So come on up, tell me your name, let me give you a hug- I want to, I promise!

And I wish I could say that my stories from above [ie, having an awesome job but losing all of my stuff] happened less frequently than they do, but that’s life. Some people joke about me ‘having the worst luck ever’, but I honestly don’t really think much of it. Really CRAZY things happen to me all the time, but so do really AMAZING things. I’m so thankful for my life and the people in it that the little upsets are just that- little. upsets. They’re tiny bumps in the road. Sure, I lost all of my credit cards, and it’s a hassle. But it’s not the end of the world. I won’t let it take up much of my emotion / energy, and I certainly won’t let it ruin my day. I hate to get all mom like here, but really- there are so many BIGGER problems in the world, that you honestly shouldn’t sweat the small details. You’ll get through it and you’ll get over it. In the mean time, throw on some sequins and remind yourself that you are fabulous :)

I have literally been on the hunt for a coffee table to match my new grey decor scheme for a year. I went back and forth between the shape and color I wanted, but all of the tables I looked at were just ‘eh’. I typically have an idea in mind for what I want, but I always end up going with my gut. My philosophy with everything is ‘when you know, you know’- you don’t need to talk yourself into something you actually want. I usually wait to spend money until I find something I’m in LOVE with, and that was definitely the case with looking for this table. I’m excited to announce that after eight months of kicking my water glass, my search for the perfect table is finally OVER!




This gorgeous table is a slab of white and grey marble set on an iron frame. It’s the Box Frame Coffee Table from West Elm [linked it in case you want to check it out too]. I actually ordered the table a month ago, but it’s been on back order and just shipped this week. Thought I would mention that in case you too are interested in the table but were like ‘what the heck!!!’ when you went to order. BE PATIENT LITTLE ONES. GOOD THINGS COME TO THOSE WHO WAIT.

I’ve also gotten a new bed and painted my room since you’ve last seen it. So many home updates! I’m not quite finished with the room yet, and I want to hang curtains throughout my apartment before filming an update video. You’ll just have to see the progress here and on instagram until it’s video update worthy!

Hope this post made you even 1% of the happy that writing it brought me. Home stuff makes me happy. And you guys make me happy too. All of the smiles. Talk to you soon!




It wouldn’t be fashion week without a lot of glamour, and it wouldn’t be my life without a little disaster.

Are you wondering why this post is JUST coming up now? It’s because my laptop had a meltdown while I was in NYC.  And by meltdown I mean complete breakdown. The computer wouldn’t even connect to wifi it was so done [it literally couldn't even].

So these pictures had to wait until I was reunited with my desktop ..which lost power yesterday during California’s extreme heat. Oh, my life. What can you do.

That’s one of the most interesting parts about fashion week. It’s like the events and outfits get more and more fabulous every year to combat the levels of crazy happening behind the scenes. Your computer isn’t working? Do you know what would make you feel better? ALL OF THE SPARKLES.  So that’s what I did. I threw on some sequins. Some metallics. Some fake pink fur. And went to a fabulous party.

CarlyCristmanNYFW CarlyCristmanNYFWStyle CarlyCristmanNYFWOutfit CarlyCristmanNYFW2 CarlyCristmanNYFW3 CarlyCristmanNYFW4 CarlyCristmanNYFW5 CarlyCristmanNYFW6 JuicyPerfume5 JuicyPerfume2 JuicyPerfume4 juicyperfume7

Outfit Photography: Bryan Whitely [ Romper: Monique Leshman | Jacket: H&M | Bag: Etienne Aigner ]

Thought I would ‘take you’ to one of the most fabulous parties from the weekend with the photo set from above. It was the Couture Overdose Event with Juicy Couture hosted by SheKnows. It was celebrating the launch of their newest fragrance, Viva la Juicy Gold Couture. The party was at Gold Bar in NYC, which has these insane walls that are completely set with gold skulls. I’ve never seen anything like it before.The party had an ice cream station, martinis, photo booths, all of my favorite blogger friends, new perfume- see what I mean? The more fabulous the better. What broken laptop?

I still have some more outfits from the weekend coming your way! Hope you enjoyed this set from my whirlwind of a trip. Also, make sure to check out Viva la Juicy Gold Couture if you also need a little splash of fabulous :)