I have so many favorite holiday traditions: baking cookies. making gingerbread houses. sipping holiday drinks. JUSTIN BIEBER CHRISTMAS MUSIC. Basically any day in December is an excuse to celebrate! When my friends come over we usually end up doing some of these things.












[Christmas Sweater: Windsor | Red Ray Bans: Sunglass Hut ]

I love making my signature candy cane martinis for get togethers [click here for my recipe]. I also REALLY wanted to make the typical sugar cookies with tree inside of them, but NOT ONE grocery store had them. I went to three different places before giving up. We can’t have snow OR cookies?! What’s up with that, California?! We only get the sunshine- so say hello to my christmas themed Ray Bans! I can get Christmas themed sunglasses but not cookies.Thank you Sunglass Hut for making my Christmas dreams come true [and for partnering with me on this post!]

Do you guys have any favorite traditions you like to do with your friends? Or any recipes I have to try out? Let me know! PS- are you keeping up with Vlogmas? I’m posting a new vlog every day until Christmas! Click here to watch!



You guys have probably noticed that routine videos are pretty popular on YouTube [seriously, I feel like I see a new one every day! My night time routine! My mid-week fall easy day routine! My sunny but freezing mid winter weekday when I’m running SO LATE routine!]. I don’t make too many of them myself because it would look something like this:

-Put on 300 warm layers.
-Cleanse + moisturize my face with the same 5 products I’ve always used
-Watch SVU
-Play Candy Crush during the commercials
-Go to sleep

Man, that would be such a cute video …not.

But while my routine might be simple, it’s definitely effective for me [which is why I stick with it!]. If you’re looking for something to spice up your winter skin routine or just want a way to treat your skin you won’t regret any of these products!

  1. EcoTools Pure Complexion Facial Sponge (made from Konjac)

I can’t get enough of these sponges from EcoTools. I first tried this product when I was on a shoot for the brand back in the spring and I have been obsessed with it ever since. It cleanses, exfoliates and leaves your skin feeling so soft [without ripping it apart like a tough washcloth]. You’ve probably seen a bunch of expensive variations of sponges like this online, but this one is my personal favorite and it retails for only $5.99!

  1. Charlotte Tilbury Miracle Glow

This cleanser / mask is my favorite for cleansing and moisturizing. This product is a two in one skincare item that I’m using as a hydrating cleanser. I’ll take off my eye makeup first and then slather on this product for about 40 minutes. It breaks off excess makeup without drying out the skin. I’ll wet my Konjac sponge to take this product off – try them together, it’s a wonderful combo.

  1. L’OCCITANE Divine Youth Oil

I loooove skin oil for some real moisture. I swear this product has done so much for my skin. It’s helped with the redness, the dryness, and has really given a glow to my face despite being naturally dry.

  1. EcoPouf® Exfoliating Sponge / EcoTools Bath & Shower Gloves

This one’s for the body. I like to add an exfoliating sponge to my shower during the colder months to keep my skin smooth. I didn’t really think an ‘exfoliating’ sponge would make much of a difference until I actually tried it out [Yep. It dooooes.]. I pair an exfoliating sponge with mentha body wash [not because it’s super moisturizing, but it’s really refreshing!]. You could also use an exfoliating shower glove in combination with a body scrub for a real spa-like exfoliation. I finish off by applying a thick lotion after and putting on my EcoTools spa moisture socks, which happens to be my next pick.

  1. EcoTools Spa Moisture Socks

I like to put these on after I shower and apply lotion for some intensive foot moisture. They help fight away super dried out skin from all the dry heat inside and the cold outside!

  1. Cetaphil

I make sure to apply this thick lotion every time I get out of the shower. It’s unscented and awesome for every skin type, even if you’re highly sensitive [I first started using this when I had strep throat induced eczema and have used it ever since]. If you typically forget to put on lotion, put it in your shower or bath tub to remind you to apply before leaving your bath room. Your skin will thank you!

Those are some of my favorite products for winter skincare. If you want to see more of my favorite picks from EcoTools, make sure to check out their site! I put together a bundle of my favorite products that would make awesome holiday gifts.

You may have noticed that I created a second instagram account this last week. When I told my friends my plan to open a second page, they all were like ‘what? A second instagram? Why don’t you just post it on your first?’ and I was like ‘ALL OF THE REASONS!!’.

First off, I want to say that I am keeping fashion and style on my first account and nothing is changing over there.

Minus it getting better. But yeah, don’t freak out.

But I am a perfectionist. I’ve told you guys this throughout the years. You know me. My blog, my instagram- this is where I post things that I’m excited about. Things that are on trend, things that are different, things that I professionally shoot. I have high standards when it comes to the look of my blog, especially the photography of my blog. And I want to keep those standards in place.

Sometimes I would post mirror outfit shots on my main instagram, and my viewers always seemed to like them. You guys wanted more fashion, more outfits- but I hated the look of the selfies on my account. They looked so ‘off’ in comparison to the beautifully shot outfits and the home decor. Also, I knew that not everyone wanted to see daily outfits- so I didn’t post them.

And that’s why Carly’s Closet was created.



I wanted to make this account so I could still provide the outfit inspiration for my viewers who wanted to see it without overwhelming the others. And I wanted a place where I could show you my every day type of outfits- not just the looks that I think are incredibly fashionable or ‘different’. [That’s the other problem about being a perfectionist. I don’t just want to shoot ordinary outfits. Or something that I’ve done before. I want to do new things. I want to try new looks. I don’t want to shoot something unless it’s worth it].

So, this second instagram account is where I’m posting my day to day, real life, regular girl outfits. I’m posting them in real time, removed from any fancy photography, editing, etc. This is just what I look like. Right now. In my closet. Shot from my phone. And there’s something so raw and real and, dare I say it, basic about it that I love.




Trust me, I’d love to have a professional photographer following me around 24/7, snapping these wonderfully candid moments and poof! All of the photos are done every day and look incredible! …but that’s not how blogging actually works. It takes hours to plan, shoot, edit, post. If I shot my outfits literally every single day, that’s all I would be doing. As youtube and blogging progress, I’m always going to try and progress / grow my content. Better visuals, better lighting, better editing. But there is something that I still miss about the ease and real time action from the earlier years. And that’s what this account gives me. It’s free of any pressure to post an ‘amazing’ outfit or to spend six hours editing. It’s just real life in real time. And if you want to follow it, that’s great. But there’s no pressure there either :)

I hope this account can give you real life outfit inspiration to mix and match similar pieces in your own closet, or that it can inspire you on days you’re going to class or running errands. Like I said, I’m still going to be keeping my main instagram and my blog exactly the same. This was just a way for me to provide more. 

I’m actually off right now to go shoot what I’m currently wearing for a real outfit post. The pieces are so detailed that they demand to be shot with a real camera. And I’m so excited to do that too!

If you want to check out my second instagram account, click here. Thanks for the amazing response to it so far! I couldn’t expect how excited you guys would be and just how many sweet and encouraging comments I would have gotten. I’m so happy that you’re enjoying this extension as much as I am!