Today’s restaurant profile comes out of downtown LA. If you follow me on snapchat, you know that I lovingly refer to DTLA as District 13 [because it’s practically a war zone!] but there’s actually a ton of cute coffee and brunch spots buried within all the craziness. Zinc is one of those places!

WHAT: Zinc Cafe
WHERE: 580 S Mateo St. Los Angeles
TRY: Breakfast Avocado Toast + poached eggs. Breakfast potatoes.



DTLA has a bunch of great places to stop + grab coffee and this is definitely one of the cutest. Think of this as the hipster’s Urth Caffe, because Urth is just so mainstream + you liked Urth way before it became insta-famous.

If you follow me on snap, you’ve also definitely seen me complain about this place. I went in after breakfast hours and asked for avocado toast, only to be told they didn’t have any and, despite the restaurant having both bread AND avocados, I couldn’t order it. Double you tee eff. I then saw avocado toast in the cafeteria style line and when I asked what exactly that special item was called, they looked at me and in all dead seriousness said:

“That’s our lunch avocado toast. You asked if you could have the breakfast avocado toast”.

I can’t.
[..but I can, and I am].

My favorite part: besides the fact that I can get avocado toast + a french press, I can GRAM the coffee the size of my face because THE TABLES ARE ALREADY GREY! You heard me. So on brand right now.

Downfall: No wifi. In all fairness, not many brunch restaurants typically have wifi, but I only mention the lack of it because otherwise I would definitely spend my work-from-home days out on their terrace posted up with MacDaddy + some coffee refills. The sadness.

Let me know if you try Zinc or any of my other brunch favs!




If you’re anything like me, that’s definitely what you’re thinking right now [I mean, I created the #BrunchIsMyFavoriteHoliday hashtag to commemorate just HOW MUCH I love brunch!]

If you live in LA or have plans to visit soon, this post is perfect for you!

WHAT: Square One Dining
WHERE: 4854 Fountain Ave, Los Angeles
TRY: Portobello Benedict



Square One is one of my favorite default spots in LA. There’s patio seating, the food is incredible and the coffee is strong and on refill– you’re basically set for life.

My favorite? The portobello benedict. Omg. My favorite eggs benedict yet. I tried to switch out the frisee for bacon + they weren’t having it. My friend was like: ‘did you just try to switch out salad for bacon?’ Yes. Yes I did. Regardless, still my favorite. It’s THAT good!

PRO TIP: try to get there before 10:30am otherwise you will definitely be waiting in line.
PRO PRO TIP: if you still haven’t found a crew of friends that are down with sharing all of their entrees, that’s rude, but at least try to get them to make baby steps! Order french toast for the table- their french toast with seasonal hot toppings [fruits that are currently in season] is always BOMB.

Happy brunching!

Backpacks have been my jam this season. I love being able to have a ton of stuff on me but have the flexibility of not having to actually hold it. I tend to keep my laptop with me during the day, and girl- there is no way I’m holding that in a bag on my arm. Hayell. No.


We’re not talking about your old Jansport here [except I’m going to pretend I’m cool because I had a black North Face backpack when I was in school. How fancy of me.] We’re talking about fashion backpacks. And the invention of fashion backpacks have been a lifesaver. I can fit my laptop, my planner [yes, I carry a physical planner] as well as all of my other electronics and throw it on my back and call it fashion. Yasssss. Here are some of my favorite backpacks for fall!bestfallbackpacks1. Rebecca Minkoff: Julian 
2. Rebecca Minkoff: Mini MAB
3. Kate Spade: Charley 
4. Aldo Backpack
5. Grafea: Leather Hari

Are you as into backpacks as I am? Let me know!