My girlfriends and I have standing tradition of wine night + our favorite shows during the week. We usually get together on Monday night’s now that The Bachelorette is back on. It seriously makes Monday’s go by so much faster knowing that I’ll be rewarded with sweatpants, wine and my favorite people. Thought I would bring you to one of our girls nights / show you my favorite wine and cheese combo





I may go back and forth between being a red / white person, but I’m always a wine person. Right now I’m loving Chateau Ste. Michelle Merlot paired with Parmagiano Reggiano cheese [I love the stronger, drier cheeses and wine. So. Good.] Pair it with some fig spread and you will be in Monday night heaven.

I made up this invite to send out to my girl friends before our Monday night get together- #AToastTo Girl’s Night In!


You can make your own toasts with Chateau Ste. Michelle’s toast generator here [you can also enter to win a trip for you and a friend to visit their Chateau if you share your toast! WINE NOT?!]

Hope you guys liked this little peak into our girls night!


I thought I’d focus a little more on skin for today’s post. You guys know I have very sensitive and generally dry skin-


I tend to stay far away from face products that have harsh chemicals in them or strong scents. If you’re someone whose skin is difficult, you probably know that you stick with products that you know work with your skin. I’m definitely a loyalist to my skincare, so I thought I would show you my go to products from one of my favorite brands for skin- Simple.



These products are absolute musts in my routine [if you've seen some of my organization videos, you know I have extra packs of these wipes lying around at all times]. I swear by my routine to keeping my skin clean and balanced [that says a lot for all of the traveling from city to city I do..] I was especially warned that my skin would freak out when I moved from Chicago to California. Chicago was MUCH colder and drier compared to LA. Also, the lady sitting next to me on my flight expressly told me that my skin would be a mess the first three months in LA due to all of the smog and pollution [what a nice welcome..].

I definitely did notice that living in LA made me feel a lot grosser every day- like I just NEEDED to take a shower / wash my face by the end of the day. That was probably one of the weirdest parts of moving here- definitely not expecting that. I’ve kept using the cleansing wipes [I keep them in my gym bag too, too] but I switched to using the protecting moisturizer because it has sunscreen in it [you know, cali=sunshine. You get it]. Thankfully, I haven’t had any issues!


If you’re out looking for new makeup wipes or moisturizers, I highly recommend these products. They’re easy to find, they’re great for your skin and especially great if you live in a city and need a little extra TLC.


Today’s outfit is casual while being super feminine. I wouldn’t describe myself as a huge pink person, but I’ve found myself pairing these pink eyelet shorts with a bunch of different summer tops. I wore this outfit below for a lunch meeting // work day [ah, living in California, working in fashion. I love that I can call this business casual]






[Top: LOFT | Shorts: LOFT | Shoes: LOFT | Bracelet: LOFT |Necklace:LOFT]

LOFT asked me to come up with a full summer outfit from their collection and I actually had difficulty choosing what look to go for because they had so many cute, different pieces. I ended up going with this look because it’s something different than what I normally post while still fitting my style. It’s relaxed, feminine, and perfect for wherever the day might bring me.

You can also see how I styled this necklace in another recent post here.