Be Jeweled Vera Wang Rouge Perfume Review

Published on April 12, 2014

I have been a long time lover of Vera Wang’s Princess perfume, so you can imagine my excitement when I received the newest scent. To me, Vera Wang is elegant and glamorous. The brand celebrates femininity and truly knows how to make a woman feel like her most beautiful self. The bottle of this perfume is crystal and sparkling- a perfect addition to pretty up any perfume tray. You know that I instantly gravitate towards anything sparkly / glittery / shimmery / so this perfume HAD to be part of my collection. I mean, the bottle SAYS ‘Be Jeweled’ ['bejeweled' is synonymous for 'carly' on urban dictionary] literally has my name all over it.

Bejeweled Vera Wang Rouge Perfume

Bejeweled Vera Wang Rouge Perfume

At first, I’m instantly thinking about summer by this tropical, fruity scent. The perfume deepens throughout the day with notes of warm vanilla [my favorite note] making it a little darker, a little more romantic. To me, this smells like the perfect feminine fragrance worn on those days you want to embrace your girly side

Christian Louboutin Red Soles

High heels, some lipstick, a little sparkle- all a girl needs, right?

Or at least, all you need for a Saturday night :)


Festival Ready with Old Navy!

Published on April 11, 2014

Apparently I’ve done a very good job at letting everyone know I’m ready to get my festival on this season because I woke up yesterday to this amazing ‘survival kit’ waiting for me from Old Navy. Seriously, how sweet! Wanted to show you guys what I’ll be keeping in my bag for my first time in Indio– as packed by the pros!

Old Navy Oasis Gift Bag

Sunscreen, chapstick, moisturizer, vitamins, bandanas, fans, scarves- this is SO helpful. I have literally no idea what to expect out in the desert for this upcoming party and I’ve heard all sorts of crazy stories, so having this already put together for me is a dream.

Ready to release my inner flower child-

Old Navy Oasis Festival Dress

Flower Dress: Old Navy

Thank you again Old Navy for the survival kit && I can’t wait for the party tomorrow! Are you into music festivals? Are you going to Indio this weekend? What are your essentials for the long weekend? [The most I've done is lolla, so I'm feeling kind of nervous!] Let me know what I should bring- and maybe I’ll see you there!




On Wednesdays We Wear SPARKLES

Published on April 9, 2014

Yeeeahhhh title ^ [how many Mean Girls references can I make? Never getting over it]. Recently wore and fell in love with this sparkly stunner from TopShop- it looks just like every other dress I love, so, obviously it had to be mine–

Carly Cristman TopShop Bead Dress

Carly Cristman TopShop Bead Dress

Carly Cristman Beaded White TopShop Dress

Carly Cristman White Beaded TopShop Dress

Carly Cristman White Beaded TopShop Dress

[Dress: Topshop | Clutch: Jewelmint | Sunglasses: Tom Ford]

Ugh I love the back detail. Makes it just different ENOUGH that it wins when I have that inner fight about whether or not to love it [it looks like every other dress you own! BUT THAT'S WHY IT'S AWESOME!..ok end weird internet self fight]. It’s perfect. So, forget your pink, ladies. Today, we wear sparkles.

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