Today’s travel post is one of my all time favorite restaurants in Chicago. I’ve been back and forth between LA and Chicago this past month with the holidays, and this is one of my go to brunch spots when I’m back in town [after all, brunch is my favorite holiday].

WHAT: Summer House Santa Monica
WHERE: 1954 N Halsted Chicago, IL
TRY: Bloody Mary, Breakfast Tostadas



The restaurant itself is made out to look like a summery spot all year round [which everyone in Chicago is desperate for right about now]. If you like bloody mary’s, you will love this spicy version. Grab a few friends, order different things, and share them all together so you can try all of the goodness that is summer house breakfast. My personal favorite? The tostadas. If you think the photo looks good, just wait until you try them!




The holidays aren’t over just yet- we still have New Years Eve coming up! Nails are always a spotlight during the holiday season, so for today’s post I thought I would show you some of my favorite polish colors for the season as well as favorite products to give yourself a spa-like manicure at home!

My personal nail mantra for the holidays? The shinier the better. The holiday nail collection is always what I look most forward to! Here are my top picks for shades:


Essie Jiggle Hi Jiggle Low – this silver is from their newest holiday collection and has quickly become one of my top 5 polishes. The silver looks almost like chrome, but removes insanely easy without the difficulty of being a glitter. If you want a true festive color, get this one!

Essie Tuck it In My Tux – this is a great take on a winter white. I always think white is a nice change from all the typical holiday colors, and this one is muted enough that it’s perfect for the season.

Essie Dressed to Kilt / Jump in My Jumpsuit – if you have either of these reds, you’re set for the ultimate Christmas manicure.

Essie Hors D’oeuvres – this is more of a true glitter polish. I love how it has both silver and gold tones running through it, meaning it will match whatever accessories you end up going for

Essie Licorice – I personally love black all the time. I think it’s elegant and chic for a holiday party!

I always love turning a task like painting my nails into a fun event with my friends. Or maybe they’ve turned that into a tradition, seeing as I do have a wall of nail polish in my apartment. We’ve made ‘spa night’ kind of a thing as we hang out and watch TV [SCANDAL]. So here are my must-haves if you’re throwing a mani night, or if you’re just indulging by yourself:


Spa Moisture Socks and Gloves – this is a must have for any mani/pedi. Your hands and feet get so dry, especially in the winter – these spa moisture gloves and socks from EcoTools are perfect for post-lotion, pre-polish.

Foot Brush & Pumice – this is on some real pedicure levels. Pumice stones are great for around the heels and really softening up your skin. I prefer this one from EcoTools because it works wonders on your skin, but isn’t overly rough or harsh. [I actually just prefer everything from EcoTools because it’s great for all skin types and feels great when you use it].

Vitamin E Nail + Cuticle Oil – this is such an underrated part of an at home mani. It really helps with dry hands and hang nails [I would know. My nails are a disaster half of the time because my nervous habit involves completely destroying them]. I like to place this oil on before the spa gloves to really let my hand absorb the moisture.

Nail polish remover pads – I use remover pads instead of polish and cotton balls because it’s one less step, easier, and you can keep these in your bag or travel bag. They make life so much easier!

The best part about all of these products is they can be found at places like CVS, Target, Rite Aid, etc. I hope you guys enjoyed my essentials for an at home spa night!


I have so many favorite holiday traditions: baking cookies. making gingerbread houses. sipping holiday drinks. JUSTIN BIEBER CHRISTMAS MUSIC. Basically any day in December is an excuse to celebrate! When my friends come over we usually end up doing some of these things.












[Christmas Sweater: Windsor | Red Ray Bans: Sunglass Hut ]

I love making my signature candy cane martinis for get togethers [click here for my recipe]. I also REALLY wanted to make the typical sugar cookies with tree inside of them, but NOT ONE grocery store had them. I went to three different places before giving up. We can’t have snow OR cookies?! What’s up with that, California?! We only get the sunshine- so say hello to my christmas themed Ray Bans! I can get Christmas themed sunglasses but not cookies.Thank you Sunglass Hut for making my Christmas dreams come true [and for partnering with me on this post!]

Do you guys have any favorite traditions you like to do with your friends? Or any recipes I have to try out? Let me know! PS- are you keeping up with Vlogmas? I’m posting a new vlog every day until Christmas! Click here to watch!