Pretty much everything around me has changed in the last year: my home, my style, my body, and soon to be my channel. I’m in a new city, working on new projects, and just generally growing into the woman I want to be [can I get more emo, really]. My style has been evolving into a much more mature and chic look. I still LOVE sequins and neutrals, I just find myself gravitating towards more structured, classic pieces. I buy less pieces that I can wear more often- timeless separates that I’ll be able to keep for years. Here’s an outfit that I wore on a busy day filled with meetings, with a piece that’s a huge switch up for me: high waisted white dress PANTS:









Photography by Bryan Whitely

[ top + pants: Alice & Olivia | heels: Christian Louboutin | sunglasses: Balenciaga ]

Those red soles…

so freakin’ pretty. so freakin’ painful.
More power to you if you can handle wearing those shoes constantly. You’re a far better woman than I.

I’m really into the low bun / red lips combo. It’s so fashion easy and put together. I feel like it’s really chic and mature- a total change up from the barbie curls I rocked for the last so many years, but it just feels more me at this moment. I feel like a lot of people have been saying that my more recent style resembles ‘the mom from gossip girl‘ and can I just say: thank you. There is no greater compliment. Also, just as a general rule- I feel like it’s better to be younger and dressing older, than older and dressing younger. Dressing like a fabulous older woman whose got her life together and is actually on 26? Good. Wearing only trendy clothes and trying to act like a teenager when you’re pushing 30? Bad. Real bad.

So if my new style is a little older, so be it.
Glam fab grandma sexy. I’m into it.

If you don’t know what to pair with a super conservative piece [like high waisted gram-pants], add something to balance it out my black muscle tee.
It says ‘hey, grandma’s know how to bro out too. I exercise. I get down.’




I was in Miami earlier  for Swim Week which, incase you didn’t know, is a fashion week dedicated solely to swim wear [Don't be fooled- it's basically fashion's excuse to lay by the beach, drink out of pineapples and call it work]. It was my first time at swim week, and I’ve gotta say- New York could deeeeefinitely take some notes. I’ll be dreaming of the hot weather come February while we’re all freezing in the snow!

My overall style is casual glamour, and swim is no exception. I prefer to wear one pieces- I like the more conservative style, but there’s also something so glamorous and retro about them. Most of the shows I saw had a lot of great one pieces coming down the runway [Mara Hoffman's were everything] so thankfully I have plenty of options!

I thought I’d show you some of my off duty looks from the weekend-









Photography by Grant Legan 

I found my cover ups / one pieces on They have a ton of different swim brands/pieces all together on one site, super helpful if you’re trying to plan vacation outfits or just want to see everything at once instead of clicking from store to store. The sandals I wore in the shots above can be found here – I got them for 40% off during a sale [yaaaaaaaas, honey] and they are the closest I will come to wearing birks.

Writing this has extended my post-vacation depression. Take me back to the beach.



My girlfriends and I have standing tradition of wine night + our favorite shows during the week. We usually get together on Monday night’s now that The Bachelorette is back on. It seriously makes Monday’s go by so much faster knowing that I’ll be rewarded with sweatpants, wine and my favorite people. Thought I would bring you to one of our girls nights / show you my favorite wine and cheese combo





I may go back and forth between being a red / white person, but I’m always a wine person. Right now I’m loving Chateau Ste. Michelle Merlot paired with Parmagiano Reggiano cheese [I love the stronger, drier cheeses and wine. So. Good.] Pair it with some fig spread and you will be in Monday night heaven.

I made up this invite to send out to my girl friends before our Monday night get together- #AToastTo Girl’s Night In!


You can make your own toasts with Chateau Ste. Michelle’s toast generator here [you can also enter to win a trip for you and a friend to visit their Chateau if you share your toast! WINE NOT?!]

Hope you guys liked this little peak into our girls night!