If you guys follow my instagram / vlogs, you know that I was in NYC last week for Fashion Week. I originally wasn’t planning on going and then a whirlwind of events came together to bring me back for the most fabulous week in fashion [I literally decided 2 days ahead of time]. I was so excited that Ciroc wanted to partner with me for this week. They invited me to document my fashion week: my outfits, the shows, the parties and really bring you guys long with me for the full experience.

So, enough chatting for now- step into my circle for fashion week with these moments captured while in NYC..











What I love about these pictures is they don’t show how absolutely freezing it was in New York / how difficult it was to shoot these outfit photos. They only remind me of the great times- the fashion shows, the excitement, being reunited with so many people that I love. And that’s why I love blogging. It allows me to document my absolute favorite parts of life and focus on those memories. No amount of stress or rushing or freezing temperatures could stop me from having an amazing week and I’m so thankful that I ended up getting to go. Thank you to Ciroc for partnering with me for this peek inside of NYFW and thank you guys for always being so supportive- you are always a part of my circle :)


Today’s brunch recommendation comes out of a wonderful surprise I had a few weeks ago. One of my very favorite people came out to San Diego for work, so we immediately made a plan to meet in Manhattan Beach for one of our favorite activities- BRUNCH! It was such an awesome surprise getting to see him again, and even more exciting because I found a new spot to share with you!

WHERE: 1142 Manhattan Ave Manhattan Beach, CA
TRY: Bacon Cheddar Buttermilk Biscuits




If you don’t know my philosophy on brunch, I’ll enlighten you. I like to go with people that want to try everything on the menu && we all order multiple dishes for the group to share. This way you get to try everything the restaurant has to offer, and you don’t have to just decide on savory if you also are kind of wanting something sweet. It’s the best of both worlds! [And then you get the one friend who is like ‘meh I’ll just order for myself’ and we’re all like ‘ya can’t sit with us!!’].

We tried four different things:
bacon cheddar buttermilk biscuits
eggs benedict with prosciutto
french toast with ricotta + pears
truffle eggs with avocado toast

I loved all of it, but my absolute must haves? The bacon cheddar biscuits + the french toast. You won’t regret it.

This is a huge moment because this is my first blog post since my move. I’m typing this from my new loft and SO excited to be reunited with you guys. The last few weeks of my life have been insane, to say the least. I had been ‘prepping’ for this move [aka, knowing it was happening, but being too busy with other projects to do anything about it] but I said that I was going to opt out of going to fashion week this year with all of the upcoming tasks I had. Long story short, everything ended up coming together two days before I had to leave so I was in rush mode. Flights, hotel, outfits, prefilming a video- all of it had to happen in under 48 hours. None of it would have happened without a bunch of lovely people [friends, pr firms, even apps. literally]. I found my hotel through Roomlia, which is an app that is great for finding good hotels on a last minute basis. I ended up staying at the Park Central Hotel in Midtown, which was super close to Lincoln Center and also right next to a Starbucks [life saved]. Finding a hotel during fashion week is hard enough, so being able to find one that was a lovely only two days out was seriously a relief. I posted a vlog you can watch of this whole traveling experience here.


I wanted to post this during fashion week, but Adobe wasn’t working on my laptop, and then once I was reunited with my photo software my internet wasn’t working because I MOVED. I’m currently writing this while using my phone as a personal hotspot for the moment until my internet is set up [seriously, I didn’t even get to watch The Bachelor tonight. Please tweet me everything]. I’ll have a NYFW round up post coming, as well as a vlog with a special guest [her name might start with an m and end in -y mom]. Get excited.