Fall is my favorite season for so many reasons. The crisp air. The layered outfits. The changing leaves. But the leaves aren’t the only thing that changes, and I think that’s my real favorite reason. I always feel like fall is a fresh start. Maybe that’s just been engrained in my mind since school always started back during the season and it was technically a ‘new year’, but that’s always stuck with me. So many of my favorite memories are made during the fall, and so many scents bring them back- pumpkin spice lattes. vanilla perfumes. So you can imagine my excitement when Bath and Body Works asked me to create an outfit inspired by all of those things.












[Jacket: Heartloom | Boots: Jeffrey Campbell | Hat: Nordstrom]

I can get away with the bare legs because California is still a little warm, but I’ll be bringing this outfit [+ a pair of tights] when I go back home to Chicago this week. I’ve missed my fall too much and am taking the rest of the week to be back home with family / friends to enjoy the little bit of the season I can get.

Do you have any scents that have strong memories for you? Let me know! By the time you’ll be reading this, I’ll probably be in Chicago- bundled up in 40 layers in different neutral shades, wearing my vanilla perfume, drinking a pumpkin spice latte + crafting this years halloween costume with all of my closest friends. I can’t wait :)



When you’re sick, the little things are everything. Suddenly the most simple things seem like the biggest treat in the world, like, taking a bath. Hot tea. The ability to breathe.

Man, I miss breathing.

I currently am battling a very persistent head cold. I’m channeling Jojo over here like ‘LEAVE! GET OUT! RIGHT NOW!’ and it’s all ‘I’m good!’. I’ve quarantined myself to my apartment for the last two days in attempts to get over this ASAP. When I get sick, I get sick. I’m very prone to sinus infections, and I’m also very allergic to medicine, which make for a very bad combination [yes, I meant to say very that many times]. I usually try to combat any sign of being sick early for that reason [maybe I should put up a post of all my essentials?] so I haven’t been in this position for quite some time.

My experience the last two days have left me with many realizations:

  1. “All of Me” by John Legend can be used to describe my relationship with my sectional, which, I’ve decided, was the best purchase I ever made. Love your curves and all your edges..
  2. I understand why I’m getting all those freaking candy crush invitations on facebook now because I too have resigned myself to playing that life suck of a game and there’s a point where you JUST CAN’T WIN UNLESS YOU INVITE YOUR FRIENDS [don’t worry. It’s not going to happen. Ever].
  3. I suddenly want to be incredibly productive because I no longer can be. Editing seems like the MOST FUN thing in the world, because it’s one thing I still can do. The video I posted today still needed to be edited two days ago, but why would I have done that when I could have gone to brunch?! Why can’t I transfer this excitement to deadline days?
  4. I am just so thankful for EVERYTHING. The little things, like being able to actually taste what you’re eating, seem so important when you no longer experience them. And the little things I am experiencing are just so. awesome.

So, with that, I thought I would write out some of the extremely little things that have made my sick day just that much more enjoyable.

  • My Morning Smoothies.
    waking up and drinking vegetables just makes me feel like I’ll be better ASAP. PS- add avocado to your smoothies. Life changing
  • Taking a Shower
    wow, I feel like a new human. I can breathe while I’m in the shower [partially due to the steam, partially due to my mentha body wash] and afterwards I’m just so thankful to not feel sick and gross. Also, I feel like I’ve accomplished something because I took a shower, people. That’s some real activity. I’d say ‘if only I had a bath tub to sleep in’, but this is a positive list.
  • Law + Order SVU being played all day long
    my dream. thank you, USA
  • Blankets
    they just FEEL better, you know? I just want to be wrapped in one all the time. How do I not feel like that all the time?
  • Peppermint Tea
    I am living on this stuff. So good.
  • Postmates
    I’m thankful for this app all of the time, but food delivery is 1000x better when you’re sick.
  • Buzzfeed and Gawker
    I have read every single article on both of them in the last two days. And taken every quiz. It says my favorite color is red, in case you were wondering. They’re wrong.
  • Clean Sheets
    nothing feels as good as my bed. nothing.
    minus my couch.
    that feels pretty awesome too.

Do you guys have any favorites for sick days? Or are you reading this and thinking ‘I don’t like ANYTHING when I’m sick because I’m SICK, hello!’ I tend to look for the best in every situation, the silver lining, if you will [hear that, buzzfeed? I like silver colored things]. Being negative about a situation doesn’t make it better, it only negatively affects your mood. It also can make you sick [seriously- stress can do crazy things to your health].

Hold up. Harry Potter is on TV! It’s a sick day miracle! Hope you guys could make sense of my sick day thoughts *waving emoji* byeee

The moment has arrived- I finally have curtains! [insert clapping hands emoji] [can we talk about when will the moment finally arrive that I can access emojis from my keyboard? Honestly] back to the curtains..




The reason it’s taken me SO LONG to hang curtains is because I’m a perfectionist [as you can probably tell by now] and I didn’t want to purchase something I wasn’t obsessed with. It’s pretty difficult to find extra long curtains in regular home stores, so these had to be ordered offline and ordering fabric you’ve never seen before can be quite challenging.

I hung these curtains much higher than the window itself to play off of the already high ceilings. Higher curtains are more dramatic, glamorous, and they visually lengthen the space you’re working with.

If you know what curtains you want, see what sizes they come in and measure it against your wall. Pick the length based on the option available vs. what height fits in your space.

I also hung these curtains further outside of the windows, so that all the window light would still be seen when they are open. To make this the most appealing, I measured half way from the edge of the window to the edge of the wall, and that’s where I had them start. Either sides of the wall were not even measurements in my space, so I went halfway between their respective measurement. Made the space look more symmetrical even though it definitely isn’t.

The curtains I went with are the Velvet Pole Pocket Curtains from West Elm. I had them in my cart for weeks before purchasing them [on a day they offered 30% on all window treatments- great success]. I was nervous about them being velvet, but they’re beautiful in person. Not shiny or weirdly iridescent at all. They’re thick enough to actually block the outside / heat, but let in enough light to give off that beautiful glow. I couldn’t be happier with my choice!

Hope you guys enjoyed this home update! Up next- my bedroom!