Happy Mother’s Day, or as we call it in my family.. Happy Nurse Day! My mom is one of a kind- she’s passionate about God and her family, unbelievably caring, hilarious and incredibly generous [seriously, she would give you anything you say that you need. My mom has supplied clothes / food / purses / anything else you can think of to pretty much all of Chicago at this point]. You know how everyone says they have the best mom? Well, I really DO have the best mom. She’s been the best example for me on how to trust God in everything and to selflessly love others -all while singing along to some rap music :)


If you’ve watched my vlog channel, you know it’s impossible to be around my mom and not be laughing. Thank you to everyone who wished her a happy mother’s day- you guys are basically my extended family + your sweet comments are always appreciated!

I thought I would tell you guys the gifts I decided to get for the moms in my life this year- as you know I’m currently in LA so I can’t celebrate with my mom today, but I’ll be back in Chicago next week [I’m coming for you, Barbara!]

My mom has told me how badly she wanted a bracelet from Coordinates Collection, so for mother’s day I had a bracelet custom made with the coordinates of our family’s home + her birthstone. If you’re unfamiliar with Coordinates Collection, you can create a custom bracelet [shape, size, metal, stone] with the coordinates to any location you want. It’s a great gift for more sentimental occasions like this!




I know when I said ‘moms’ previously in my post, you were probably like ..who are you talking about?! But another very important mom in my life is my manager, Reesa! Reesa has practically been my second mom for the last 4 years and has helped me become the business woman that I am today. She’s celebrated major milestones with me- walking in a show at fashion week and being at my first fashion week to now signing with E! and so much more.


I got to hang out and go shopping with Reesa in NYC two weeks ago + she mentioned to me that she wanted some new makeup brushes. My absolute favorite makeup brushes are by Sigma, especially their Sigmax line for foundation [they’re the most dense, wonderful brushes ever. If you only buy yourself a few makeup brushes, get. these. Seriously. Foundation game soo strong]. I convinced her to get airbrush foundation while we were shopping together, so I’m sending her some Sigmax brushes to go with her new makeup :)

Are you celebrating Mother’s Day with your family today? I hope you guys have a wonderful day + remember to tell all of the women who are special to you how loved they are today and everyday! Xx



YAS the weekend- I have two pretty big weeks coming up and it’s super chilly in LA right now, so I’m living for this off duty sweatshirt-






drake6 Photography: Jodee Debes

I have been obsessed with this sweatshirt for months + finally broke down / ordered it. I feel like it says so much about my personality without me even explaining [I ain’t even gotta say it, they know. They knooww, they know, they knowwwww].

The next two weeks are about to be crazy- I have my first acting job on thursday [what?!] Maybelline + Stylehaul are producing a new scripted series called Vanity that will premiere in June and I’m playing the role of a fashion photographer [very fitting, don’t you think?] After my shoot I immediately fly to Chicago for one of my best friend’s bachelorette parties and then I fly back to LA and THEN immediately to NYC for a 2 day shoot which I’m both creatively directing and being in. Woo. Were you tired just reading that? Run on sentence for my run on life! #CrossCountryCarly

Hope you enjoyed today’s quick post + are having a relaxing weekend! Xx

Secret’s out. I’ve been obsessed with gray / silver hair for a while now. If you follow me on Instagram, you probably noticed that I posted this photo:


This is temporary. This is not permanent. Unfortunately.

I’m seriously in love with gray’d out hair. Gray’d out. That’s not even a real phrase. WHATEVER IT’S NOT A REAL HAIR COLOR EITHER BUT I’LL STILL DO IT. Ughhh greigey blonde. How I want my hair to look like this every. single. day.

I made it happen for now with purple shampoo. If you’ve been following me for awhile, you know I’ve been full on platinum, and close to platinum, many times before. This isn’t my first rodeo when it comes to super light white hair + a bottle of purple shampoo [I practically drank purple shampoo when I was in college] [that didn’t make sense to anyone but me, but basically my bathroom always smelled like a bottle of shimmer lights].

Rewind: If you’re not familiar with purple shampoo, it basically removes brassiness [or yellow] from hair. It’s a blonde’s best friend, especially in LA because the water out here is hard af. You’re supposed to wash + rinse fairly quickly, because it can leave bleached hair looking grey or straight up purple if left on too long [sounds like a dare to me!]

My hair right now is a platinum ombre, starting with my natural color at the scalp / ending with white ends. I wanted to go grey for months, but ultimately I haven’t because I’m standing up in my friends wedding next month [I figured it wouldn’t be nice of me to put my hair of the month on display forever in my friend’s wedding album. You know who you are. And you’re welcome].

I put purple shampoo on my scalp / the darker blonde for about 10 minutes, and added it to the lighter ends for the last 3-4. It definitely left my hair with a gray tint + I’m so pleased. I’ll have to keep this up every single time I shower if I want it to stay that way, or I’ll have to just actually get it done after the wedding.



The main reason for this post is because I got so many questions asking me what purple shampoo I’m using- I used Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Hair Therapy Color Freeze this time around, but I also love Joico’s Color Endure Violet Shampoo. A cheaper alternative I have also used [and referenced above] is Clairol’s Shimmer Lights. This was my first time using the Schwarzkopf shampoo [which I also don’t recommend leaving a purple shampoo on your head for 10 minutes the first time you ever use it, but I was kind of having a yolo morning / it all ended up fine / blah blah I just feel like I have to warn you] and I like it! I got mine at a little beauty store in Larchmont, but I’ve seen most of these for sale at places like Ulta etc.

We’ll see what I end up doing with my hair post-wedding, but I’ve really been feeling the full on silverfox look for awhile now. It definitely feels ‘fall’ to me- pale skin, black clothes, gray hair, etc. [If summer could just hurry up and be done, I’d be totally happy with that].

What do you guys think of gray hair? Think the trend will be over soon? Let me know!